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Why Blueprint?

Envision your business like building a house. You have an idea of what you want to accomplish but need a professional builder to help walk you through architectural designs and the building process to help match your vision with what you want to accomplish. Once that is formalized, your builder helps you convert that plan into a house — with numerous changes and obstacles to overcome along the way. The builder stays with you from origination to completion — manning the worksite with the blueprint in their back pocket.

Blueprint Business Advisory works with you to formulate your vision, goals and strategy and walks along with you to accomplish the plan — overcoming the obstacles as you go. You don’t need to do this alone — Blueprint’s years of experience will be your eyes, ears, hands and feet and most importantly your sounding board to assist you in growing your business to ultimately realizing the maximum value through a business transition. Let’s make that vision a reality.

About Mike Ridder

Mike is, first and foremost, a listener. He knows that an individual’s business tends to be a major portion of their life, so the success of the business needs to mesh with the individual’s goals and vice versa. Mike’s passion for working with people enables them to succeed in business and life.




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If you need help in realizing your dream but realize that you are better suited for another skill, Mike provides the experience necessary to help lead your business.


The decision to transition out of a business affects all aspects of your life. That’s where we come in. Blueprint surrounds you with the essential tools needed to make the best decision, personally and professionally, and then help you execute on that decision.


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